Auto Locksmith Services

Our Locksmith Services

At Tone Locksmiths of Paddington, we offer our clients a wide range of security systems and locksmith services for their homes and businesses.

Property Security is the Key

With all the different types of locks and security products on the market, it can be hard to know what's the best solution to choose.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience. In order to secure your property and the surrounding area, our experienced technicians will arrive at your home or office and check the premises for weak spots and vulnerable areas. Once we're familiar with your property, we can help you decide which security systems will serve your needs and suit your budget best.

Auto Locksmith Services

Our locksmith services in Westminster:

Lock fitting

We have a selection of branded locks such as Yale locks, Banham window and door locks, Chubb and ERA locking systems and more. If you need a lock but you are on a tight budget we can offer you high-quality non-branded locks as well. Tone Locksmiths of Paddington can always offer you a range of locks, starting from simple mortice locks to combination and biometric locks.

Lock repair

Not every lock needs to be replaced. Sometimes a simple repair is all you need to restore your lock to excellent working condition. If you need a lock repair, we use high-quality parts to make sure that your lock will keep right on locking for as long as you need it. If your lock is truly worn out, we’ll also let you know if a repair is not the best value for your money. Tone Locksmiths of Paddington have years of experience in lock repairs. Our experts can fix almost any door lock or window lock, old or relatively new.

Re-key services

Any professional locksmith will advise his client to re-key his locks in the event he or she lost the keys, as long as the lock is in good condition. Many of our clients are not aware of the rekeying option, and when they realize they've lost their keys, they call us in a panic and ask us to change the locks urgently. Tone Locksmiths of Paddington will always check the condition of the lock first and only then decide to change it or rekey it. Re-key can save you a lot of money and keep your property just as secure as a new branded lock but without the extra expense. You should always ask about the rekeying services before changing your locks.

Commercial locksmith services

We at Tone Locksmiths of Paddington understand that commercial locksmithing needs differ from residential locksmithing needs. In such properties, locksmiths in W2 have to deal with not only simple burglary attempts, but also with information theft, so some extra security measures like installing CCTV or motion detectors and alarms must be taken. Commercial properties need access control systems, due to a larger number of people entering and exiting every day. We are happy to take care of installing electric locks, intercom systems and more.

Customer Service Comes First

We like to say that our most important service is our customer service. Just give us a call on 020 7101 9287 to schedule your service today.

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